2012 eCribbage New Years Resolutions:

January 2, 2012

Hi All, here are some of the things we are working on for 2012 at eCribbage:

Ability to play on Devices:

  • Iphone
  • Ipad

Improved League Play:

  • Instead of having to organize each matchup, we are looking at having team players just go to the League Play Lounge and play any other league players to earn points for their team.
  • This would mean no scheduling, no time zone problems, no waiting around etc. You just play. Probably max 5 games against one specific player, and 100 max games each season or something
  • Still working out the details, may be available only for PROs

More new Tournament Formats:

  • CrossCribb 5 game GrassRoots Style (similar to current Lowball 5 game grassroots style)
  • Kings Cribbage 5 game GrassRoots Style
  • Cribbage Baseball 5 game GrassRoots Style
  • eCribbage Olympics GrassRoots Style (combining all the games at ecrib like: traditional, cross, jokers, crash, kings, baseball, lowball, etc)
  • Timed Cribbage Tournaments
  • Partners 5 games tournaments

New Computer Opponents for:

  • Cribbage Baseball
  • Crash Cribbage

New Timed Cribbage format to eliminate slow play:

  • Will be an optional choice to set a timed cribbage game
  • If timer expires on your turn for discarding or pegging, a card will be played by default similar to CrossCribb timer


  • eCribbage Hall of Fame screen for accomplishments over a week/month/year/lifetime

Merry Christmas!

December 24, 2011

Everybody will be PRO on Christmas Day 🙂

Tis the Season!

December 6, 2011

If you want to give an eCribbage Christmas gift (PRO Membership, board game) to family or friends, you will receive 1 month PRO free 🙂

Make your purchase here: https://my.ecribbage.com/go_pro

“Did you Know” tips are back

November 18, 2011

V 3.84:

– Brought back the “Did you Know” box with tips on playing at eCribbage, it is located at the loading images screen

– Fixed KC doubles tickmarks showing up wrong and broadcasting wrong winning team during tournaments

– Fixed Traditional Crib Doubles Loser gets the crib problem

– Added ability to put custom backgrounds in for your avatar

– Fixed the 112pm tournament time indicator


More customizable avatars

November 4, 2011

Ver 3.83:

– If you want to plug in a graphic for a body part for your avatar, we can now do it quickly and easily, just email info@ecribbage.com with your graphic

– League Captains are no longer allowed to create/accept challenge matches if they are already playing 3 matches

– UK Daylight Savings Time bug fixed

Thanksgiving Specials

November 1, 2011

– Adding a few special deals for thanksgiving, please use the promotional code: turkey to get the following specials.

Here are the specials:

– Buy a 1 year PRO, get 2 months PRO free
– Buy a 2 year PRO, get 4 months PRO free
– Buy a 3 year PRO, get 6 months PRO free
– Buy a Crash Cribbage board game, get 2 months PRO free
– Buy a Cross Cribb board game, get 2 months PRO free
– Buy a Cribbage Baseball board game, get 2 months PRO free

eCribbage Halloween

October 28, 2011

Watch for scary creatures in this weeks version!

Also newly released in Ver 3.82:

  • New KC Paused Screen
  • Updated Joker badges and now show joker badges during game play
  • Fixed Joker game  sometimes not ending properly when you peg in bug
  • Fixed ability to withdraw from a tournament after it already started
  • Fixed home run card being cut as a crib card in Baseball Cribbage
  • Added KC best of 1 for League
  • Added Doubles Mystery Jokers tournament format

League Updates

October 25, 2011

Now everyone will be able to see league info when they log in. Just click the League button under the Welcome text.

This screen will show rules of the league, all the league teams, records of league teams and recent results.

Captain’s will see emails of other captains here.

Cancer Drive Success!

October 17, 2011

Thank you for your overwhelming generosity! eCribbage Players raised $1500 for cancer research! Will send the donation and post the certificate when I receive it.

Easier Payments

October 6, 2011

eCribbage can now accept credit card payments without going through paypal or google checkout.

This makes it easier to go PRO or donate or give PRO to a friend. You don’t need to create another account on another service.

Just log in and then go PRO!