Ecribbage Version 4.26

Developed new smart launcher application that you can download and easy attach via email. This smart launcher will automatically check for any new ecribbage versions and download them. It also allows some memory customization for users that have the game slow down on them. Just save this file and then double click on it to launch. You can also just save it to your desktop and use that icon on your desktop to launch from now on, quickly and easily.

If the smart launcher app doesn’t open, right click on it and choose Open With… and go find where you installed Java.exe. It is usually located somewhere like c:\program files (x86)\java\jre8\bin\java.exe. Choose that file and the app will launch.

This new launcher will work for all versions of Java, Java6, 7, 8, and any future versions.

The new launcher has the copy chat function fixed so you can click on chats and copy them.

The new smart launcher is located here:

Please email with any problems using the new smart launcher, we will make sure we get you going ASAP.


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