Tweeks Memorial Marathon Tournament Weekend

A wonderful surprise from Honeydo:

“Dave, aka Tweek and I met online at another site that offered cribbage as well as other games. We became monitors on that site, we wanted to protect the players from rude and offensive players. Someone mentioned lowball cribbage and I went looking for it online. I found ecribbage and downloaded it.

It was more than Dave and I could have imagined, a well run, well developed site just for cribbage. A huge gathering of cribbage players all on one site. The folks at ecrib welcomed us and both of us became avid players.

Dave loved cribbage and embraced ecrib. His favorite thing to do was Buzz a Friend. All those that remember him will remember his use of that button.

Dave passwed away May 12th, 2010. The support I received from our family at ecrib was overwhelming. Damien took the Buzz a Friend button and renamed it Buzz / Tweek a Friend in Dave (aka tweeks) honor.

What better testimony to his memory I have not found. In his memory I have donated 30 Pro Memberships to be won by players starting on the 19th at 9pm and tunning through the 21st. See the wall online for the particulars on the tournaments. Please play to enjoy and very good luck to all!”

– Honeydo


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