eCribbage Marathon Fights Against Diabetes

There are 2 Special Events coming to eCribbage ASAP! A double elimination tournament this Sunday, and then the eCribbage Marathon against Diabetes on the 18th.

Click Here for details:

New Release 3.91 contains the following fixes / features:

– Manual Count Tourny added
– When a player switches partners in a doubles tourny, the old partner is now notified unlike before when they wouldn’t realize it and then miss the tourny
Special Events:
– Heart replaces checkmark for players that have signed up for the eCribbage Marathon
– Special Event participants get a heart badge for their bling box
– Special Event winners get a peg with ribbon badge for their bling box
League Play:
– Games played against the Bot are no longer counted as league matches
– Players can nominate player of the month through Goodies / Nominate Player of the Month
– Players can no longer auto join games with the “Join Their Game” button
– Strikes have been added to players for Wall posting, any abuse gets 1 strike, and a 2nd strike is suspension from the wall
– Wall topics can now be password protected if players want a “private” wall with their friends
– Wall text going blurry bug has been fixed
– Blocked players can no longer friend request you

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