The new eCribbage Team has been announced

After over 100 submissions for help on the site, we have announced the new team and structure. With my new baby coming any day now, I will be on the site less and more responsibilities will be taken by head td, site director, league director, greeters, and tournament directors.

Thank you for all your submissions and if you haven’t been added to a new role, more roles are coming and we may need more help TDing and Greeting in the future, I will keep you posted.

What else is new in version 3.87?

– nicknames have been completely removed for tournaments, they will not be shown on bracket, in game list, or player list
– CrossCribb 20 second tournament added
– Help / eCribbage Team & Roles added
– Greeters have smiley icon by their name
– TDs have TD icon by their name
– TDs can now remove trophies if they made a mistake
– Site Director and Head TD can now remove strikes
– CrossCribb bug where the first card of 2nd game can’t be thrown to crib has been fixed
– All KC games with the robots will be saved now to eliminate cheating
– All KC Best of 3/5/7 games will be saved in between games now
– Doubles tournaments can now be split when there are more than 48 teams

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