Kings Cribbage Live World Championship Tournament

Dear eCribbers:

Love your Cribbage? Well there is an exciting opportunity this year where the eCribbage community
can meet LIVE and play Traditional Cribbage and Kings Cribbage for a ‘World Championship Title’

Gold – Silver – Bronze medals, are all just waiting to be won at this prestigious event and venue.

The Mind Sport Olympiad XV1 – 18-26 August 2012

This will be an awesome experience where you can put your skills to the test, represent your Country,
meet eCribbage friends, plus many other game enthusiasts. The event is open to EVERYONE. You can
compete or play just for fun, win an official ‘title’ and ‘world ranking’, include and play any of the other
numerous games on the agenda.

The MSO website provides a full listing of all the games, timetables, the history behind the event,
previous medal winners and rankings, and how you can register and enter on line.

As your Kings Cribbage Connection at the event we of course will be there to extend a warm welcome
to any that come and play, we will also be giving away our own special prizes for the winners and
runners up.

What’s next?

We will keep you posted with bulletins and reminders, as we hope as many as possible of you can join
us and take part.

Sign up soon to grab a piece of the Cribbage & KC action! We look forward to seeing you.

Paul & Corrina – Kings Cribbage UK

2 Responses to “Kings Cribbage Live World Championship Tournament”

  1. mjd Says:

    2012-02-17 Friday — TGiF
    I was a bit suprised reading your rules for playing Cribbage.
    Having played the American version of Cribbage (see Hoyles),
    but less than a handful of games with British folk, I wrongly
    thought that you all played the 5-card deal with only a single
    play to 31. (And a couple other minor differences, also.)

    One of your quick rule summaries describes getting 2 points
    for any 2 card values adding to 15. In American play anyway,
    that rule is better described as “You get 2 points for each (and
    every) set of card values adding to 15.”

    Any other differences seem kind-of “local” — as which way a
    turning-door (or a traffic circle / rotary) procedes.

  2. James Johnson Says:

    I would like to see flush pegging incorporated into a version of cribbage.

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