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“Did you Know” tips are back

November 18, 2011

V 3.84:

– Brought back the “Did you Know” box with tips on playing at eCribbage, it is located at the loading images screen

– Fixed KC doubles tickmarks showing up wrong and broadcasting wrong winning team during tournaments

– Fixed Traditional Crib Doubles Loser gets the crib problem

– Added ability to put custom backgrounds in for your avatar

– Fixed the 112pm tournament time indicator


More customizable avatars

November 4, 2011

Ver 3.83:

– If you want to plug in a graphic for a body part for your avatar, we can now do it quickly and easily, just email with your graphic

– League Captains are no longer allowed to create/accept challenge matches if they are already playing 3 matches

– UK Daylight Savings Time bug fixed

Thanksgiving Specials

November 1, 2011

– Adding a few special deals for thanksgiving, please use the promotional code: turkey to get the following specials.

Here are the specials:

– Buy a 1 year PRO, get 2 months PRO free
– Buy a 2 year PRO, get 4 months PRO free
– Buy a 3 year PRO, get 6 months PRO free
– Buy a Crash Cribbage board game, get 2 months PRO free
– Buy a Cross Cribb board game, get 2 months PRO free
– Buy a Cribbage Baseball board game, get 2 months PRO free