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Baseball & League Updates

April 28, 2011


Cribbage Baseball:
– Added actual Round The Bases playing card
– First go at Game History on the right
– Added pitcher peg in middle (more fielders to come)
– Fixed problem where card fan would sometimes show through in player box
– Fixed problem where clicking play again would sometimes misalign scores and innings

League Play:
– League Leaders now shows multiple pages, click Next / Previous Page to see multiple pages
– League Leaders now only shows teams that have played the minimum qualifying 10 matches to make playoffs

New Baseball Features

April 14, 2011

– Current peg has spotlight on it so players know which peg is in action
– Words on board glow in yellow when a peg lands
– Double play Audio
– Audio for bottom of 1st, top of 2nd, bottom of 2nd, etc
– Grand slam Audio
– Inside the park homerun Audio
– Extra innings working
– Game ends properly if 3-3 in the bottom of 3rd with 0 outs, and batter gets a run, no need to play last 3 outs

Also now show your current record against your opponent on the typing bar..

Baseball running well and other fixes

April 11, 2011

– Cribbage Baseball running smoothly now, give it a try!
– Disappearing trophies and ribbons are fixed now, you should no longer need to log out to see your new trophies and ribbons