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Variations Tournament

February 22, 2011

Ver 3.44:

– We added a new tournament format to eCribbage, 9 game Variations.

This format will be similar to 9 game traditional except each round will be a random game between Traditional, Lowball, Toss Fives, Crash, Jokers, and Back up 10.
Sort of like a decathlon type event. Let me know how it goes!

Thanks to Hawaiian for the recommendation.

Fine Wood Crafted Cribbage Boards

February 17, 2011

In Reno at the American Cribbage Congress Open, I met Jim Hicks who makes some of the finest
wood crafted cribbage boards I’ve ever seen at really reasonable prices.
Check them out here:
Fine Wood Crafted Cribbage Boards

Customizable Flags

February 7, 2011

It is now easy to plug your own customizable flag in for your stats and podium.
If you have a specific flag you would like to use, please email me at
Must be 60*60 or smaller.

Clamping down on tournament quitters

February 3, 2011

eCribbage is clamping down on players that quit tournaments early since this is happening too frequently and spoiling it for others.
You now get 3 strikes, once you get your 3rd strike you will be unable to compete in tournaments until contacting me about it.

Blog Interview about at CribbageLand

February 1, 2011

Blog Interview Here