eCribbage New Years Resolutions

Last year we did very well on our new years resolutions, here are our resolutions for 2011:

  • Release eCribbage on the iphone – This has been requested by many players and will allow the community to grow even more, and allow you to play eCrib wherever you are!
  • Fast game play for 200+ simultaneous players – We are still running a bit slow at 160-170 online, so need to fix this up
  • New Cribbage variation – There is a fun new cribbage variation coming soon to ecribbage, stay tuned for the press release
  • Improve Manual Count Cribbage and Muggins – Will make these games rated and improve the gameplay of them, possibly add tournaments for these formats as well
  • New Tournament Formats – We are going to add events such as tournaments for beginners, a variations tournament, where first round is traditional, 2nd is jokers, 3rd is crash, etc
  • Live eCribbage Event – We are going to try and have a live tournament associated with ACC in July or August, stay tuned for details

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