eCribbage Unites Against Cancer

eCribbage Unites Against Cancer” – this Friday 10/22, Saturday 10/23, and Sunday 10/24

Cancer has affected ecribbage and myself very personally. My father passed away from sudden colon cancer 3 years ago.
It was his words of wisdom that encouraged me to quit my job and pursue my dreams of creating an online gaming community.

We then had a dedicated ecribber Dave Goodwin pass away a few months ago, may he rest in peace.

We now have another dedicated ecribbage player “mugums” who is in a tough battle against ovarian cancer. In her honor, we are going to hold “eCribbage unites against cancer” this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

50% of all memberships purchased, 50% of all contributions to the site, and 50% of any ecribbage purchase (tshirts, board games, etc) will go towards ovarian cancer research.

If you feel compelled to help ecribbage fight against cancer, please make a contribution, buy a PRO membership or a tshirt or anything from the ecribbage site.

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