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eCribbage Unites: results

October 25, 2010

Hi everyone, thank you for your generosity!
$1500 was contributed this weekend from 32 players, so 50% of that ($750) will be going to ovarian cancer research.
Will keep you posted on the center and the certificate / receipt.

Version 3.13:
– Fixed problems with partners jokers tournaments tickmarks and incorrect lounge reporting
– Fixed Tournaments / All matchups for 9 game grassroots tournies
– Changed Yellow checkmark to red checkmark for more visible in partners tournies
– Fixed netbook login to lounge for smaller computers
– Fixed splitting of 9 game tournies to spllit evenly, 50 now splits to 26/24 instead of 25/25, 54 splits to 28/26 instead of 27/27, etc.

eCribbage Unites Against Cancer

October 21, 2010

eCribbage Unites Against Cancer” – this Friday 10/22, Saturday 10/23, and Sunday 10/24

Cancer has affected ecribbage and myself very personally. My father passed away from sudden colon cancer 3 years ago.
It was his words of wisdom that encouraged me to quit my job and pursue my dreams of creating an online gaming community.

We then had a dedicated ecribber Dave Goodwin pass away a few months ago, may he rest in peace.

We now have another dedicated ecribbage player “mugums” who is in a tough battle against ovarian cancer. In her honor, we are going to hold “eCribbage unites against cancer” this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

50% of all memberships purchased, 50% of all contributions to the site, and 50% of any ecribbage purchase (tshirts, board games, etc) will go towards ovarian cancer research.

If you feel compelled to help ecribbage fight against cancer, please make a contribution, buy a PRO membership or a tshirt or anything from the ecribbage site.

Expanded tournament field

October 5, 2010


When the tournament gets past 48 players checked in.. Our directors now have the option to split the tourny up into 2 tournies in the regular tournament lounge and the Tournament B Lounge.
This means nobody will miss out on a tournament if they check in. We will be trying this out on Thursday nights tournament.