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9 game tournament updates and more audios

September 27, 2010

V 3.08:
Made the following update to the new 9 game grassroots tournament format:
– Your next opponent is highlight in yellow on your scorecard
– Your scorecard automatically pops up after a match showing your updated results and next opponent
– First round opponents will be sent to you in a private message, ie (Your first round opponent is phildog716)
– The gametable view now highlights the table you are at and automatically updates
– No nicknames are displayed in the tournament lounge to avoid confusion

More audios have been added, check out the audio panel to the left of the smiley icon to see the new fun sound effects.

9 Game GrassRoots Tournament Style & Tshirts

September 24, 2010

You can now buy the new ecribbage thirt here: Buy
The winning tshirt design is here: Tshirt Design

V 3.07:
– We’ve added a new tournament style called 9 Game Grass Roots Tournament Style Traditional Cribbage

In this style, everybody plays 9 games against 9 different opponents regardless of win or lose. The top 3 players after the 9 game round robin win the trophies.
Click Tournaments / View Tables to see a graphical view of who you are playing and who is coming up next. The players on the left of the table stay, and the players on the right side of the table rotate upwards to the next opponent.
Click Tournaments / View ScoreCard to see your current scorecard and see the leaders as you go. You can click on any of the names in the scorecard to view their scorecard.
You can also click on any player in the lounge and choose View Scorecard button.

Here are some screenshot previews:

General improvements

September 16, 2010

V 3.05:

– Improved checkmarks so when tournament is finished, they all go away right away. Also added yellow checkmarks for partners tournaments. Players checked in as single in partners tournaments will have a yellow checkmark, and players checked in as a team will have the standard green checkmark. This will make it easy to see who has a partner and who doesn’t.
– Fixed the doubles podium, both winners will now show up on the podium
– Fixed problem with gainer charts where incorrect data was showing up sometimes
– Added game icons when viewing League / View All ongoing League Matches to make it easier to see Traditional or Kings matches

Easy to see who’s checked in

September 13, 2010

V 3.04:

It is now easy to see who is checked in to the current tournament and who isn’t.
From the tournament lounge, if you have a green checkmark by your name, you are currently checked in for the tournament, otherwise you are not.

More Bling

September 9, 2010

V 3.03:
– Everyone loves to build up their badges, so we now show 3 lines of badges per page instead of 2
– Added 2 new servers to help support the new growth of the site, 150 simultaneous players should be fine speed wise now
– Fixed bug where if you are typing in the lounge, sometimes the join request window goes away

More Audio Clips & Team Cross Released

September 3, 2010

V 3.02:

– Added some funny audio clips to send to opponents as suggested by some players
– You can now play 2 vs 2 CrossCribb