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Audio Panel and more..

August 30, 2010

V 3.01:

– We now have the much requested audio panel. This lets you send fun audio clips to your opponent. To use it click the little talk icon to the left of the smiley at the bottom left of the game.
– To disable these audio clips, click Options / Disable User Audio Clips from the lounge
– Badges for the best joker hands: 40, 44, 45, they are similar to the 29 and 28 except they have a joker face on them as well
– Rules for ACC Cribbage Cup, click Help / ACC Cribbage Cup Rules

Upcoming Events Calendar

August 26, 2010

V 3.00:

– There is now a new menu item called upcoming events. This contains information about any interesting cribbage event coming up. Go to this menu and click on the event and it will tell you all about the event. These events can be anything from Live ACC Tournaments, Cribbage Tutorials, Kings Cribbage Trade shows, etc, etc. Get your event added by clicking Get your Cribbage Event Here from the menu.
– Added Cross Banners and Cross Weekly Stats, you can click the quick stats window to switch to the cross banner, or when viewing a players badges, click the banner
– Updated main screen text to show all 10 cribbage variations
– Added a whole bunch of new audio sound effects you can send to your opponent
– Added new quick switch lounge button at top right above player list, you can also switch lounges now from Game / Switch Lounges

World Clock, Anniversary Bells, Cross Badges, more..

August 23, 2010

V 2.99:

– Did you know has been replaced by a world clock so you can see what time it is around the world to help organize matches
– You will now see bells by your name if it is your 1 year / 2 year / 3 year etc anniversary at eCribbage
– There are now badges for Cross top10 players and top10 gainers
– Cross bug where sometimes you would see the card change has now been fixed
– Argentine, Danish, and Netherlands flags have been added
– Browsing League Teams now shows their overall record as well as season record

Cards hidden for watchers in tournaments

August 13, 2010

V 2.98:
– Anybody watching a tournament cribbage game will now see face down cards instead of face up cards.
– CrossCribb now shows the current round the player is in from the lounge
– Clicking View Records on a player now shows them CrossCribb statistics

Cross Top10 Chart & Pause Game

August 9, 2010

Ver 2.97:

CrossCribb updates:
– You can now see how many cards your opponent has to throw to the crib
– You can now view top 10 CrossCribb players & gainers
– You can now pause the game
– Your cross rank is now on your stats page
– Complete player stats now includes CrossCribb

Cross Tourny this Saturday

August 4, 2010

V 2.96:

– Our very first CrossCribb tournament is coming this Saturday!
– CrossCribb in-game menubar has now been fixed
– You can now see stats against Cross computer opponents from Stats / View Stats for Computer Opponents
– CrossCribb tie games have been fixed
– Round now shows (Round 1 / 4, 3 / 6) instead of just Round 3
– The cross end round clipboard has been improved

CrossCribb is now rated & More

August 1, 2010

Ver 2.95:
– CrossCribb games are now rated, who will rise to the top of the charts first?
– You can see everyone’s cross rating with the cross tab above the users list and also from their player stats page.
– The pregame battle screen now shows cross stats.
– Cross Saved games now expire properly.

Other new stuff:
– The game now lets you know when you have unfinished games when you logon, sort of a friendly reminder
– The popup bulletins now go straight to the chat area if you are in a game instead of interrupting your game