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New Cross Intermediate Computer Opponent

July 28, 2010

The old CROSS_1400 computer has been rerated to CROSS_1200 since he was a bit too easy.
We’ve now developed CROSS_1500 intermediate who should be more of a challenge.

CrossCribb Computer Opponent and more..

July 23, 2010

CROSS_1400 the computer opponent for CrossCribb is here, let me know how he plays.
If Cross is bug free over this weekend, we will change it to rated games on Monday.

Also added a running tally for your cross hands on the side, and the ability to disable the running scores being shown on the side.

CrossCribb Saved Games and More

July 16, 2010

Version 2.92:

CrossCribb updates:
– Now show the current round you are in
– Added saved games so if a person leaves, you can resume
– Fixed timer issues
– For 4 round and 6 round games, the game now ends at whichever comes first, 31 pts, or 4 or 6 rounds
– High / Last now work properly just showing you some more game stats similar to Kings Cribbage