Crib Ratings Improvements and More

We’ve updated the crib ratings mechanism to be less volatile and more conducive to playing lower rated players.
Here are the details of the change:

The standard points change for a game is now 11 instead of 21. (if two 1800 players play each other and no skunks happen, one goes to 1811, one goes to 1789)
Points for a skunk are now multiplied by 1.25 instead of 1.5.
Points for a double skunk are now multiplied by 1.5 instead of by 2.

The minimum # points you can gain while playing a low player is now 4 instead of 2.
The maximum # points you can lose is now 21 instead of 42. (before skunks applied)

We’ve also improved the private messaging mechanism, if someone messages you from another lounge, you now see which lounge the message came from.
In League Play / Who’s Online, you now see the captains marked with (C), and can send messages directly to other players from there.

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