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Spring League Season

April 28, 2010

The Spring League is starting up.. One more week to get your team in.
Only committed players who come on the site regularly to play will be in the league this time. (to avoid stale matchups)

Captains must have emails for other captains and the emails of their teammates and help coordinate the league matches.
You can only have one league match going at a time for the spring league.
There will be no partners matches in the spring league so matches should be finished a lot more quickly.

When spring comes to an end, we will have a playoff series for the top 4 teams and the winning team will all get prizes.
The league leaders page will show only for the Spring season.

Avatar Expansion & Record Viewing

April 14, 2010

You asked for it, you got it!
Players in the community wanted more avatar features for older players and some fun accessories like a football helmet and a knights armor.
These have now been added, please email me if you think of other good ideas for the avatars.

Have you ever wondered how you are doing against certain players?
A new feature added is you can now check out your records against your favorite players.
Just click on a player and choose the new “View Records” button. This will pop up Cribbage and Kings Cribbage records against other players.
You can also see records for other players now and compare a specific player with another player if you want.

League Play – Updates

April 7, 2010

eCribbage League Play is going to have a new competition – whichever team wins the most matches from now (both for crib and for KC) until the end of July will win a free one month membership each.

In order to operate this we have to do a few things:

#1. Finish off existing matches –
If you feel you are unable to make it online to play your existing match, please notify and you will forfeit your matches.
Or if you do not respond at all and also do not finish your match within the next week, your matches will be forfeit.
Once the existing matches are finished this week we will start the new matches.

#2. Remove players, teams, and captains that are not regulars or are not interested –
If you feel you are unable to come online regularly to play matches, please notify so we can either remove you from a team, or remove the team completely.

#3. Run new matches better –
There will no longer be any partners matches in league play since this was the main reason for stalled matches.
It will be the captains responsibility to organize the matches for their teammates if they need help.
This will involve emailing team members as well as the other captain to provide
information about when team members can play. If any captain needs an email address for another captain let me know, I will provide them.
If you would like to be removed as a captain, please let me know as well.

Since there are no more partners matches, the number of games within a match will be even. If it ends in a tie, both captains will play each other for the tiebreaker.

Remember if you want to be involved in league play you have to be willing to come online semi-regularly and play your matches as well as organize the matches with your captains.

Please let me know if you have any questions!
Let’s get league play going again!