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Two new little features

March 27, 2010

There will now be an asterisk (*) in the lounge by whoever currently has the crib in each game. This will help us figure out who is winning better from the lounge.
Also now when players start typing, it will say “player x is typing…” so we know somebody is typing to us.

More Tournaments

March 24, 2010

Thanks to the wonderful volunteering efforts of our tournament directors, we now have 3-4 tournaments running a day.

Included in these are the 7pm EST time, and the new 10pm EST time to cater towards players on the west coast who have been missing out on tournaments.

Special thanks to:
GamePoint121, IntriginEyes, PrettySmurfette, and Becca for all their generous help in directing tournaments.

New Lounges

March 18, 2010


We have added 2 new lounges that were requested by our community.
One is The Dungeon where sleepers will be moved to after 30 minutes of inactivity.
You can still play games in The Dungeon.

The other is the Computer Play lounge, all games against the computer will be
moved into this lounge. We’ll give these lounges a try and see how they go!

Kings Cribbage – Who’s turn is now obvious

March 16, 2010

Based on user feedback, we have now made it obvious who’s turn it is in the new Kings Cribbage Look.

Also added an option to disable empty avatars if you don’t like looking at just the head, you can go into Options / Disable Empty Avatars.
Also separated the chat window for users on netbooks with small screen resolution, so you can see the chat area better and move it around.

Kings Cribbage Fresh New Look

March 10, 2010

After 2 years of the same old look for Kings Cribbage, we have completely polished it up!

View the attached screenshots to see the old look compared to the new look.

    The new look has:

  1. a new polished game board, tile rack, and tile bag
  2. a new submit/pass/reset/exchange button close to the tile rack so you don’t have to click up top left anymore
  3. the ability to keep track of your highest move of the game
  4. bigger text on the notepad
  5. avatars
  6. battlecries
  7. trophies



Inter-Lounge Messaging is here

March 9, 2010

You can now send messages to players in other lounges during busy times if you don’t want to switch lounges.
Click Lounges / Message Players in other lounges, and then on the lounge selector screen, find the player you want to message, and click on them.