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Vote on Future Features

February 28, 2010

You can now vote on future ecribbage features to be added. Click on Goodies / Vote on Future Features.
This will enable me to see what new features are important to the community and focus future development in those areas.

DB_1400 is now a little bit smarter again 🙂

Intermediate KC robot got a bit smarter

February 25, 2010

Everybody was killing DB_1400 for its first few days so it is now a little smarter.

Stats for computer opponents

February 24, 2010

Added easy way to look up stats against the computer opponents, click Stats / View Stats for Computer opponents.
Looks like DB_1400 the KC Robot is a bit too easy so I will make it smarter.

Added new beginner KC robot

February 23, 2010

Ver 2.62:
Added DB_1400 now, an easier KC opponent to play. DB_1600 has also changed to DB_1700 since it turned out to win a lot more than expected. DB_1900 will be coming in the future.

Also added a few more nationality flags, and an image loading screen.

KC Robot is now Rated

February 9, 2010

We’ve worked out the bugs with DB_1600 our KC Robot, so you can now play rated games against it.
Stay tuned for our advanced robot DB_1800 coming late February.

First beta release of KC Computer Opponent is here

February 7, 2010

Today is our very first release of a Kings Cribbage computer opponent.
This opponent will be the intermediate release and will not be that smart. Let me know how games go against it.
Advanced release coming later in February.

Disco Day!

February 5, 2010

Every few months or so we do Disco Cribbage at The top 3 players who play the most games on Disco Day win a gold/silver/bronze disco ball for their badges.
Here are some screen shots:

Winners Podium

February 2, 2010

Tournament Winners now get more recognition. If you click Tournament / Latest Winners, you will see the winners on the podium.
They will also be located on the tournament lounge screen when switching lounges.

Also added a sponsor badge for those that are sponsoring eCribbage PRO memberships for tournament winners.
Also fixed problem where HAL would sometimes not resume a game.
You can also see the large version of any avatar by clicking on it from the badge page and clicking “View Large”.