New Years Resolutions

Hi everyone, here are ecribbage’s new years resolutions, in 2010:

– We resolve to increase tournament field size from 32 players to at least 48

– We resolve to add avatars (customizable characters) into the game

– We resolve to completely graphically enhance and overhaul the Kings Cribbage screen

– We resolve to add another fun cribbage variation to the site

– We resolve to continually update the site and continue to make sure it is a family friendly environment

– We resolve to add a website login system where you can log in and keep your password and not have to type it in every time

– We resolve to continue to have fun and grow and establish us as the worlds greatest cribbage site!


2 Responses to “New Years Resolutions”

  1. LadyCat Says:

    The last one of the resolution has been done. This is the Worlds’ Greatest crib site. I have tried alot online crib sites, but nothing can compare to this site. There is no one that will ever match this site. It is the owner and the people that come here that makes it the Greatest.

  2. Karri Says:

    I totally concur!

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