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New Web Login System

January 28, 2010

Players have been telling me it takes too many clicks to start a game with
Now we have the login system built into the website so that you can save your username and password.
Once logged in it will bring you to your personal user page at You can bookmark this page.
From here you can see some of your stats, and when future tournaments are. When you launch the game from here,
you will automatically be taken into the lounge. So much less clicks to get in to play!

New features from within the game:
Now when you leave a message on the wall, or you send a private message to someone, your little character will show up.
I also added a new badge for if you are on a league team. Click on that badge and it will show you who’s on your team and your team record etc.

Build your own character!

January 26, 2010

Avatars are here! From the lounge click Options / Build My Character. You will see the attached image. Build your little character and you will see him/her all over the game 🙂

Special Thanks to Noble Master Games for providing the core of the avatar builder!

Press Release about League Play

January 16, 2010

A press release came out about league play today: Press Release

Also added more nationality flags today in version 2.53.

Nationality Flags

January 14, 2010

V 2.51:

You can now add nationality flags to your stats page. From the Lounge, click Options / Edit My Information.

I will add requested flags soon.

Kings Cribbage Youtube Clip

January 13, 2010

Added a quick tutorial video to youtube about how to play kings cribbage. If you really like the game, go ahead and leave some comments there:
Youtube clip

Tournament field size expanded from 32 players to 48

January 10, 2010


Since the popularity of tournaments was picking up, a lot of players were missing out on our tournaments which had a maximum field size of 32 players. This has been expanded to 48 players now. PRO members still get high priority registration, but this will allow more players to get in on the tournaments. The bracket looks slightly different now but is still pretty self-explanatory.

League Substitutes

January 7, 2010


Since organizing the league partners matches can be a challenge, now when you click the Play Match button from the league games screen, it will ask you if you would like to use a substitute. You can press yes and play with other team members if you would like.

Also fixed HAL taking 10 points on unrated saved games.

Submit Scenario to DailyCribbageHand

January 4, 2010

For all you fans of The Daily Cribbage Hand, we have now added an easy way for you to send a scenario directly to their site to discuss it.

Simply play a 2 player traditional cribbage game at (either against other humans or against the computer), and when you come to a really interesting hand, just Click “Send Scenario” from the top menu bar.

Your scenario will show up in a few days at the daily cribbage hand.

Remember you can also play out the current scenario from the lounge by clicking Game / Start New Game / Other Variations / Play Daily Cribbage Hand.

New Years Resolutions

January 3, 2010

Hi everyone, here are ecribbage’s new years resolutions, in 2010:

– We resolve to increase tournament field size from 32 players to at least 48

– We resolve to add avatars (customizable characters) into the game

– We resolve to completely graphically enhance and overhaul the Kings Cribbage screen

– We resolve to add another fun cribbage variation to the site

– We resolve to continually update the site and continue to make sure it is a family friendly environment

– We resolve to add a website login system where you can log in and keep your password and not have to type it in every time

– We resolve to continue to have fun and grow and establish us as the worlds greatest cribbage site!