League Play is Here! Rules and How to Play:

Updated League Rules for Spring Season

What is league play all about?
– To create a team, build team camaraderie and have a blast playing other teams while getting to know people
– A league match will consist of everyone on team A playing everyone on team B as well as partners matches
– Try to top the charts and be the best cribbage and kings cribbage teams
– Have fun, win as a team and lose as a team

How to sign up?
– Just find some players that you like online that you would like to play with. A club consists of 3 or 4 players.
– The Captain of the team needs to be a PRO Member but the rest of the players don’t have to be.
– The Captain will click League Play / Create New Team and fill in the players and the best time to play.

What are the captains responsibilities?
– The captain will challenge other teams and accept challenges
– They will email their team members and help coordinate matches with the other team
– They will report any problems to Damien

– How does our team play a match?
– The Captain of the team clicks League Play / Browse & Challenge Clubs
– Find the team you want to challenge and the Captain clicks the “Challenge Them” button
– Select what type of cribbage and what type of rules you want to play and proceed
– The other captain will either accept or reject the league match
– Once the league match is accepted, You can play the matches by clicking League Play / My Current League Matches
– Find your match and click the Play Match button

Do we have to play all the matches at once?
– No the league match will be saved until the winning team has been declared
– You can play your games at any time

How do we report results?
– The winner clicks League Play / My Current League Matches and then clicks declare winner button by the match they played
– They will see the team score go up
– Whenever the match is completely over, the Captain of the winning team clicks Finish Entire Match button to finish the match

How do we see other clubs and other matches?
– To see all the registered teams, click League Play / Browse & Challenge Clubs
– To see ongoing matches, click League Play / View all ongoing matches

How many teams can I be on?
– You can be a member of one cribbage team, and one kings cribbage team

– What future features are coming?
– The league leaderboard will be available soon
– We may add team battlecries, league messageboards, substitute availablity etc


5 Responses to “League Play is Here! Rules and How to Play:”

  1. Manette Anderson Says:

    I’m interested in playing on a league but I’m relatively new (don’t “know” other players) and a pretty crummy cribbage player–trying to improve but while not suffering from low selfesteem–I don’t think I’d be up to other player’s levels. Could there be something for newbie-intermediates? Also now that league play has started, is it too late to form any new teams?

    • Ron Says:

      Hi,I’am cribbie11 in match play.I also am interested in joining a team.We can get together,but need one more,or 2 more players.I’ve won 5 tournments(gold) 2 bronze, and a silver.I two need other players. If interested let me know. Thanks , Ron

  2. ecribbage Says:

    Hi Manette, the answer to your questions are yes! I’m sure there are lots of players looking for an intermediate team as well instead of an advanced team. Just leave a message on the League Wall that you are interested.

    No it is not too late to create a team!
    Best Regards,
    Damien Blond

  3. sondy46 Says:

    I would love to try this…If anyone is looking for a player please let me know. I am off for two weeks, would be fun!!! thanks, Sondra

  4. shesawinner2 Says:

    I am interested in joining an establised league when the next opening(s) occur. TY

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