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A trophy is a trophy and other new features

December 31, 2009


Merged our daily tournament prizes (palm trees) in with the trophy cups. Now a tournament win is the same no matter when you play the tournament. If you liked the palm trees you will be able to view your trophy cups as palm trees by clicking on yourself in the lounge and then on the trophy cups.

Also added a tournament fix to make activities for the current tournament easier. Instead of clicking Tournaments / Future Tournaments / Todays / Check In, you can now just click Tournaments / Check In. Same with Sign Up, who’s signed up, and Withdraw.

Noticed we have a lot of ex-zone players at ecribbage that are trying to find each other so we added an ex-zone badge for all you ex-zone players. If you used to play at the zone, let me know what your username was and we’ll add you an ex-zone badge.

I also added some new menu items:
Goodies / What’s new at eCrib
Goodies / eCribbage Facebook Group
Goodies / eCribbage on Twitter
League Play / How does League Play Work

League Play Lounge and some new partners tournament features

December 30, 2009

V2.45: There will now be another new lounge to play in called the League Play lounge. League matches don’t necessarily have to be played in this lounge, but it is a separate location to help organize league matches and play the league matches here if desired.

The other new feature is when trying to find a partner last minute for the partners tournaments. It has been a struggle for players to get both partners to withdraw as singles and then sign up together. Now you can click on a players name in the Tournament lounge and click the button “Check in with them”. If they accept this will automatically withdraw both players as singles and check them in together as partners.

League Leaders and League Wall up and running

December 23, 2009


2 new features as of this morning, the League Leaders works so you can see which League Teams are on top.

Also you can now use the League Wall to contact opponents, leave messages, and organize matches.

League Play is Here! Rules and How to Play:

December 21, 2009

Updated League Rules for Spring Season

What is league play all about?
– To create a team, build team camaraderie and have a blast playing other teams while getting to know people
– A league match will consist of everyone on team A playing everyone on team B as well as partners matches
– Try to top the charts and be the best cribbage and kings cribbage teams
– Have fun, win as a team and lose as a team

How to sign up?
– Just find some players that you like online that you would like to play with. A club consists of 3 or 4 players.
– The Captain of the team needs to be a PRO Member but the rest of the players don’t have to be.
– The Captain will click League Play / Create New Team and fill in the players and the best time to play.

What are the captains responsibilities?
– The captain will challenge other teams and accept challenges
– They will email their team members and help coordinate matches with the other team
– They will report any problems to Damien

– How does our team play a match?
– The Captain of the team clicks League Play / Browse & Challenge Clubs
– Find the team you want to challenge and the Captain clicks the “Challenge Them” button
– Select what type of cribbage and what type of rules you want to play and proceed
– The other captain will either accept or reject the league match
– Once the league match is accepted, You can play the matches by clicking League Play / My Current League Matches
– Find your match and click the Play Match button

Do we have to play all the matches at once?
– No the league match will be saved until the winning team has been declared
– You can play your games at any time

How do we report results?
– The winner clicks League Play / My Current League Matches and then clicks declare winner button by the match they played
– They will see the team score go up
– Whenever the match is completely over, the Captain of the winning team clicks Finish Entire Match button to finish the match

How do we see other clubs and other matches?
– To see all the registered teams, click League Play / Browse & Challenge Clubs
– To see ongoing matches, click League Play / View all ongoing matches

How many teams can I be on?
– You can be a member of one cribbage team, and one kings cribbage team

– What future features are coming?
– The league leaderboard will be available soon
– We may add team battlecries, league messageboards, substitute availablity etc

More league play features

December 21, 2009


There is now a new feature so that all of us can see all the ongoing league matches going on, Click League Play / View All Ongoing League Matches.

eCrib Christmas Style

December 20, 2009


Christmas version is here, click on the gifts in the game to reveal a surprise 🙂 If you don’t like the Christmas music you can click options/Stop the Music.

Also programmed ability to challenge other teams now for league play, some league matches have already started, I will be adding more league features shortly.

League Play is Starting!

December 18, 2009


You can now create your clubs/teams for league play!
Decide who you want to be your captain, and get them
to Create a 3 or 4 player team. Starting this weekend you will
be able to challenge other clubs and see which club
can be on top of the league!

You can be a member of one cribbage club, and one KC
Club, but can’t be in more than one club for each. So choose
your team wisely, that’s who you will be playing with
in league play.

More reporting features

December 17, 2009


You can now report a problem player to me, report a bug, or request a new feature.

From within the lounge, click Help/Report Player, Help/Report Bug, or Help/Request Feature.

Also HAL1800 has had some more logic fixes so should be more challenging now.

League play is coming soon for PRO members.

No more quitting games against HAL early

December 7, 2009

It has come to my attention that some players have been quitting games against HAL early in the game if they have a bad hand. Now at anytime if you abandon a game against HAL, you will lose ratings points when the game expires.

Also fixed more problems with partners tournies, so we will be having a lot more of those coming up.

Stay tuned for a preview of the new Kings Cribbage Board coming.